UNDERSTANDING – samuel contemporary

This poem is dedicated to the likes of Hellen Keller, Yinka Ayefele, Samuel C. ENUNWA and all of us who are physically impaired. I believe the Lord is our strength.

 Every day you see and hear thousands 
Of things _ words, whispers, colours, shapes,
 Shadows. How does your mind make sense
 At least tell me of all these
 Sights and sounds? Understanding is
 A mysterious process. In this
 Mundane theme you’ll meet these
 Ones who _ despite being isolated from this
 Hearing and seeing world _ learn with ease
 To solve some of life’s mysteries
 So like the acolyte of mysteries
 Please, these lines have come to appease
 Thy boiling in displease to cease.
 [The Mysteries of Life, Glencoe Literature 4] Samuel C. Enunwa April 11, 2012. Images: The Sense of Smell, 1987, Jack Beal. oil on canvass, 653/4 x 48in. The George Adams Gallery,New York. Please, feel free to encourage in any way you wish. My email is st.exystens2008@yahoo.com You can as well follow me on http://www.twitter.com/samueldpoetry

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