yes by the tears I’ve poured, by all my hours of pain, o i shall surely win thee, beloved, again! _ Emily Bronte (326) Wuthering Heights.


So soon sun of our tomorrow’s setting
For just few heads are learning
The rest either hawking or begging
See I know what I’m saying
The state of Wazobia I’m telling
You where empty bellies yelling
For trusted daddies lying
Attending the squanders meeting
The meeting they call sitting
While hospitals give no healing
They lack drugs for healing
Schools void of roofings, ceiling
For our trusted daddies stealing
Our trusted daddies are lying
While yelling bellies are…


Dis nt for below 18 & any1 it may offend. I’m jus catchin fun since poetry can take any form.

U saunted u wiggley pussy footed
& caress’d ya hairs &
Jerk’d ya ass’s &
Smiled ya eyes prettily &
Even somtimes stared
Or pout my sight like bird
Or made barr’n ya properly lubricat’d
Breast so mistily glitt’ring like d roach’s head
But yet U be not my bed
O pls be not offend’d
Pls be not incens’d
But hw can I be mov’d
When U’re wearing a longsleeve &
Hw can I be mov’d
When U’re wearing a shortsleeve &
Hw can I be mov’d
When U’re wearing not an armless sleeve &
Hw can I be mov’d
When thy armpits are properly eye-proov’d
Lady show me thy rough curves &
Show me thy sweating groov’s &
Show me so to be mov’d
& show me thy armpits black or red
For they typify d hidd’n tunnel that wait’d
Wait’d down there below thy pubic end
End between thy two legs &
Show me d twin vaginal of thy shoulders &
I won’t pretend
But madly follow thee to thy bed end
For sexy armpits make me mad in d head.
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To cease my lacks and end my sorrows
And suddenly make my penury go
With full feathering o like sparrow
To put my red flows and strengths also
To decide to go home to my home
My home the home sweet home
Free amiss stars I do not know
Or three squares forming a cone
Known still swear still I do not know
For never was last me went mine home
When you crave to come mine home
Compass thy way to turn eye below
A shining sun to come see so
Seeming as old home carved of stone
Or temple cons…

HAIKU (part 1)

INFIDELITY (haiku 7)
Jilting a sweet song
As divorce in sundry tongue
Which GRAMMY belong.

Mal-fed two twin join
She plus head in swaddling loin
Dad? No! They beg coin.

FISH (haiku 12)
A single turns five
From anus to neck with knife
Watching without life.

My haiku monorhyme 1 – 14 can be read @ http://www.samueldpoetry.blogspot.com/

— with Emmanuella Celestina N. Nduonofit and 4 others.


Chess says and I quote; first
Of all I’m chess with no respect
So be no upset when you set
Thy nude eyes to go beget
A grandmaster from the far west
Turned a fish in a boy’s net
Or a puppet made to go regret
Or a pupil given assignment
And left alone to think in a state of jest
So visit the market to buy a chess set
And learn very well to have the mindset
That anything can happen in a tournamemt.
Samuel C. Enunwa. June 10, 2012.
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— with Ajay Varshney and 12 others.