”He who has a second chance should endeavour to use it right.” _ Samuel C. Enunwa, a nigerian poet. street was deaf and dumb
For pretty and handsome phantoms
To play lovingly through the hum
-Ble watching moon in boredom
The vigilant bingos and hunting toms
And squatting ducks in docking form
To many mommy mouse picking crumbs
No noise not even an atom
Except the flapping ears like drum
Of goats in their sleeping uniform
While chewing their own chewing gum
For alone in my room I sip my rum
Since the stipulated time has come
”I won’t make heaven” was the lone assump
-Tion in my guilty cerebrum
While waiting Mr. Death to come
Suddenly God spoke through the storm
Of my blowing ceiling fan hum
And called me ”Sam! Sam!! Sam!!!
You’re pardoned, my son, stop sipping rum!
For thy notable death shall come!
In the year 2084 minimum!”
Samuel C. Enunwa Aug. 18, 2012.


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