this poetic conversation happen at poetic facebook group: 9ja Contemporary Poets Got Talent, created by Ambrose Anton Writes. poets and all lovers of poetry are welcome to the group.

They came
And promised me fame
So I fell to their game
That my life may not remain thesame

But little did I know that they framed their aim
To claim
The remaining money attached to my name

Oh! How I wish I never fell into their flame?

 Yea Miss Aina..Oga Paul..
now that you’ve fell into their flame;
I just hope you’ve learnt from their game;
And I pray it never turn you insane..
Now that you’ve learnt the bitter way,
My lyrical chap i’ll say,
Next time you watch your way,
So you wouldn’t end up again this way,
And don’t let this escape your brain,
It not always about the money and fame
Though, I’ve learnt from it
Truth be told I can’t run from it
I’m glued to it
I ve to lure others through it
So that I also can make it.


Showunmi Olawale Michael 

 My advice to you Paul again
Is to be truthful in your ways
Trust God as always
And hey!
Never look up to human way
For amazing grace..


Samuel Enunwa 

Is waste
Like fallen toothpaste
On dusty rug with underlay
Make we try
Wait for our day
Or rush today
And later pay;
We hold the choice fully
By the way



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