Remember those timing
When world was a paradise
When ears and all eyes
Were of equal size
When we meet our supplies
And eat more than twice
By giving bread to get rice
By giving charcoal to get ice
And giving meat of fifty slice
To get beans of equal size
Suddenly in great surprise
The whole world capsize
Making men to labour for fries
To multiply in fools’ paradise
With the hope that things be fine
Now you and I scream for an ice cream; why?
And you and I compete for nothing; why?
All because money is in supply
I’ll speak my mind; keep your reply
If you’re rich, you will die
And if you’re poor, you will die
For it is never a lie
That the rich also cry
But who will then deny
That harder the poor cry
Let’s make choice before we die
To get rich or die trying.
Samuel C. Enunwa 03-11-2012.


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