This mind blowing movie is one of my best movie after TITANIC. I love the movie not because of her gangster stuff  but the narrative technique which was placed in the mouth of Michael Sullivan’s son. if you’ve watched the movie, you’ll remember the statement that made me fell in love with the movie  “There are many stories about Michael Sullivan. Some say he was a decent man. Others say there was no good in him at all. But I once spent 6 weeks on the road with him, in the winter of 1931. This is our story.” Michael Sullivan, Jr.
Tom Hanks Michael Sullivan
Tyler Hoechlin Michael Sullivan Jr.
Rob Maxey Drugstore Owner
Paul Newman John Rooney
Liam Aiken Peter Sullivan
Jude Law Harlen Maguire
Jennifer Jason Leigh Annie Sullivan
Daniel Craig Connor Rooney
Ciarán Hinds Finn McGovern
Craig Spidle Rooney’s Henchman
Ian Barford Rooney’s Henchman
Stephen P. Dunn Finn McGovern’s Henchman (as Stephen Dunn)
Paul Turner Finn McGovern’s Henchman
Kathleen Keane Irish Musician
Brendan McKinney Irish Musician
Jackie Moran Irish Musician
Kieran O’Hare Irish Musician
John M. Williams Irish Musician
Nicolas Cade Boy Michael Fights
David Darlow Jack Kelly
Dylan Baker Alexander Rance
I.N. Sierros Rooney’s Business Associate (as John Sierros)
Jon Sattler Rooney’s Business Associate
Michael Brockman Rooney’s Business Associate
John Judd Rooney’s Business Associate
Christian Stolte Rooney’s Business Associate
Jack Callahan Rooney’s Business Associate
Maureen Gallagher Michael’s Teacher
Kevin Chamberlin Frank the Bouncer
Juanita Wilson Brothel Maid
Doug Spinuzza Calvino
Roderick Peeples Nitti’s Henchman
Keith Kupferer Nitti’s Henchman
Lee Roy Rogers Secretary
Stanley Tucci Frank Nitti
Kurt Naebig Tenement Murderer
Lance Baker Crime Scene Policeman
Monte Living Corpse
Duane Sharp Father Callaway
Diane Dorsey Aunt Sarah
Michael Sassone Motel Manager
John Sterchi Cop at Diner
Robert Jones Farmer at Diner
Lara Phillips Ruby the Waitress
Harry Groener Mr. McDougal
JoBe Cerny Banker (as Jobe Cerny)
Lawrence MacGowan Banker
Timothy Hendrickson Banker
Marty Higginbotham Banker
Mina Badie Betty the Waitress
Ed Kross Young Bank Manager
Heidi Jayne Netzley Prostitute
Phil Ridarelli Hotel Manager
Peggy Roeder Farmer Virginia
James Greene Farmer Bill
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Anthony LaPaglia Al Capone (scenes deleted)
James Currie Factory Worker (uncredited)
Richard Dunn Pedestrian (uncredited)
Joe Fontana Business Man (uncredited)
Reese Foster Bank Customer (uncredited)
Kelly Hill Dancer (uncredited)
Gene Janson Chief of Police (uncredited)
Cory James Krueckeberg Young Irish Lover (uncredited)
George Manisco Nitti Thug #4 (uncredited)
Mark Morettini Nitti Thug #5 (uncredited)
Martin Murphy Patron at the Library (uncredited    

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