When success is not on your side

NOTE: This, I’ve written shall be found in the breath-taken article: THE TRUE FOUNDATION OF LIFE.

When success is not on your side
You do this you do that
You even times a many try
And begin to cook lies
And begin to break rib out of your trouble to create a beautiful blame to live like

Eve or even suspect that
Haggard widow with tired years at heart

Or you begin to suspect your long kicked bucket folks that
Are happinessly enjoying their ghost affairs

When success is not on your side
You might begin to suspect the place you live, the bed you lie, the cloth you wear
Not excluding the gifts you acquire
From those that God knows you’re the apple of their eyes

Or begin to run helter skelter
To the montain of satire
To bind witches and wizards
Who mind their own affair
While struggling to survive like you do

So re-examine your effort and repackage your paths
And change your approach

For it is evil to believe that
Your destiny’s in your hands
The truth here is that
Your destiny’s in the hands of ideas about life.
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