Death by Social Networking

Nihilist Fiction

A parody celebrity pops up on my feed,

An unfunny pun, an internet meme,

The joke has been up twice today,

I light a cigarette and keep on scrolling.


Screams from the tormented youth,

The silent in reality are loud from a laptop,

Life is so unfair, their parents hate and torture them.

They weren’t bought that new pair of converse.


Porn bot, spam bot, business man and company,

No, I don’t want to see your tits or buy your shit.

An inspirational quote a day, the followers start soaring,

I saw that picture months ago on memebase.

I’m supposed to be working, but I keep scrolling.


Drunken photographs and hacked accounts,

My ‘friends’ not at their finest – sticky floors, vomit,

bottles of vodka and drunken gawking.

People spouting evidence of their exciting social life,

Whilst I just sit here, continuously scrolling.


A girl I…

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