Being blessed
On Sunday I met a mistress
Working with a creche

We began discuss
And became friends
To fight singleness

The mistress got my interest
With her hippy hippy skirt
She was so pretty and the less
But looked like a princess
In a MTN vest

So I said to the mistress:
“I’ll love to engage you.” Like yes,
On Monday, we began to play chess
And Tuesday, we played chess
And on Wednesday, we played chess
And on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, yes
On Sunday, the mistress
Vexed and said:
“I’m begining to loose my interest
All we do here is play chess
Sam, where’s the engagement ring?”

I became shocked down to my skin
What was she thinking?

Samuel C. Enunwa 11-04-2013
my blog: http://goo.gl/PgIbn
a followback and addict retweeter http://twitter.com/samueldpoetry

Don’t forget that Mark Strand was born 11 April 1934 while Eve Merriam died 11 April 1992

Quote on the theme:
“It’s dreadful what little things lead people to misunderstand each other” — L. M. Montgomery

“Misunderstanding kills the person who claimed it & scratches the mirror of his life & leaves specks on his soul.” ― Behnam Rajabpoor



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