Infatuation is now a fable
To both of us
For anytime with no remorse
We swim the deep
And climb the hill
And fly to the tempest
Like the eagles

If you pick the sextant
To measure the distance
Of the sun
You’ll see two opposite sex
In the sun

You should know it is us.
We have met, we have mingled
And we are no more single
Our feelings have tingled
Our lovely tongue entangled
In love
From dimple to dimple

Then what more are we looking for?
When our hearts have toggled
And what jingles in my heart
Jingles in the heart of my girl as well
Our heart is now one
That is the reason why
Anything we do in unison
Now becomes possible.

Samuel C. Enunwa 10-06-2013


We learn to bake
We learn to swim in flowing lake
We do learn to give and take
And of all things we learn to make
No one learns to sleep and wake
Sometimes, though it might be fake
We might pill for sleeping sake
What makes my heart to quake
And makes my eyes to ache
With tears that do not break
Why people sleep but cease to wake?
So I’m taking this time to ask,
For God sake,
What muscle or cell, can anyone tell?
What form of impulse could be at stake?
What mortal spirit or devilish god is created to make
People to sleep and never to wake?

That stupid cancer is a menace to friendship
Samuel C. Enunwa


my mind is nolonger
my lover.

Please, train me
train me
train me
and plant your fertile kisses
on my acre of lips
and let it grow joy that will
last me forever.



You won’t be running to Mountain of Fire
If you have a potted aloe vera
Sitting somewhere in your verandah
Or at the back of your yard
Or by the corner of your kitchen cab.
Or very close to your shower

For aloe vera is a miracle healer
Of migrain, tummy pains and tumour
Throat-burns, shave rashes and blisters
Acne, pimple, dandruff when severe;
A cleanser to your face and forms
A safe lubricant for your vegas
In your time of love adventure
And enemy to mosquitos in your area

So what are you still waiting for?
Go get a potted aloe vera
And if you like water it
And if you like don’t bother;
A potted aloe vera can never wither
But lives forever to give you care

So before I leave this chapter
My name is Samuel Enunwa
Doesn’t it sound like aloe vera?

The 2013 Samueldpoetry to download my book for free


As you see me so
I see poetry as movies
Where me an actor
Warring my antagonists
Call me James Bond is so sweet
For I’m not the Jet Li on this poetic mission
Fighting and frowning with no romantic scene
When I’m here to pistol my critics with pen
And kiss and love the ladies who play along
As if I’m acting THE SPY WHO LOVED ME
Hope you can see what this poesy has turned to be;
Inspiration has extended my tanka.

2013 Samueldpoetry
I wish you happy Sunday!