The Ghost Affair 8 (A Journey)

For three hours

We’ve been on the journey to heaven

From here

To missionary

To donkey rocking chair

To the doggy sled

Ups and downs

Twists and turns

Roughs and curves

And straights

And bends


Touch toes


Hopping frog jobbing in joy

Squatting, squirting, squeezing

Sucking and sweating

“Oh, my God! You’ve bitten my tongue so bad!”

She replied,

“I’ve enjoyed your sex, so hot!

But can’t be complete without sucking your blood!”

That was when I knew I’m in trouble_

Another Ghost Affair.

Samuel C. Enunwa 20-05-2013
this poem is one of the parts in my serial poetry: The Ghost Affair 1-20


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