Oh My Dear Daughter!

Mom and daughter reading together.
Mom and daughter reading together. (Photo credit: San José Library)

Oh my dear daughter!
Every time I come to your room
I meet you reading

Reading something

It is commonly said:
“No matter how educated a woman can be
she will still end up in the kitchen”

It is true
Yet I will encourage you to keep reading
For the more you read

The more educated you can be

The better your kitchen will be

So if you end your education
With primary six

You’ll be cooking with firewood

If you end your education
With WAEC or GCE
You’ll be cooking with kerosine

If you end your education
With B.A B.Sc or M.Sc
You’ll be cooking with
Both gas and electricity

And if you end your education
Being a professor
You’ll only be instructing

The maids cooking for you and your family;
So my daughter, keep reading


Samuel C Enunwa 31-07-2013

samueldpoetry, the monorhyme poet



English: The simplicity of beach life A single...
English: The simplicity of beach life A single plant struggles to survive on the edge of the beach. A piece of wood, part of the broken groyne system or washed up by a tide, lies forlorn on the sand. Fated to be partners for a while, whilst immortalised in pixels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simplicity of life is
Embedded in its rigidity.

That is why
I’ve crossed the sun,
The storms and through the rivers
To see in constancy
And conspiracy to be free

To believe and understand
But not other way round

To device in divinity
And trust in God immortality

To love life on earth
And my sepulchre to a greater lenght

To always keep the rose by my side
And hunt the sparrows not with gun but kind attention

For I will strive to live with love and care
Upon the level… by the square.

Samuel C. Enunwa

Letter From A Far Away Son

Dear mother,
It’s been 4years now
Since you’ve seen my gaptooth

I know you still love me
And your worry day-by-day
Is not wether I still have a smooth face
Or I’ve got some scars of wrinkles
That will bring you disgrace

I know you still love me
And your worry day-by-day
Is wether I’m still in a good health
Like every mother do

Mama, please,
I’m sorry for refusing to come see you

I’m so sorry for such an attitude

I’m sorry for sending you
The image I’ve photoshopped
And editted too

I’m sorry for lying to you,
Tellin you
I’m a bank manager,
Posing in a beautiful mansion in my neighborhood

In short,
I’m sorry for not living like Samuel in the Bible

I’m here to confess
That life has been doff lundgren with me
Since I left you

So far so worse
The sun has tattooed my skin
Piercing through my rugged jeans

And the sole of my single shoe
Has been devoured by the street

To ask me
How I’ve been feeding
Is like sliding Lionel Messi
In the box eighteen

For everynight
My bamboo matress gives me nightmare
While I sniff mosquito coil
Like a cocain addict

And to crown it all
I’ve aborted for my forteen girlfriends
Since I couldn’t afford Golden Morn
To feed my unborn

No matter the degree
Of tragedy
I might have caused you

Please, I still cherish you as my mom;

Samuel C Enunwa d 2013 samueldpoetry
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A Poem Written By The Side Of A Fishpond

(This is written to mourn all the victims of disasters around the world: WARRING, BOMBING, FLOODING, CRASHING, MOLESTING, MAIMING, DISEASING, BOKOBOMBING, etc.)

To dress in black and black
And sit in solitude to cry
While sorrows have occupied
All the vacancies of smiles
In the heart,
Are the symptoms of mourning

So who says to bury and mourn
The bereaved ones is bad?

When even a soul from pluto
Wil say “things
Are meant to be so”

So let me question thee:
Have you ever seen
The dead monkeys
That died naturally
Decaying on the tree?

That is because
They are buried.

Have you ever seen
The dead fishes
That died naturally
Floating on the stream?

That is because
They are buried

And have you not seen_
Sometimes in the sky_
A family of hawk
Dress in black and black
To circle a thick smoke
To sing elegy?

That is their sign
Of funeral rite.

And that is why
I’m also of the believe
That to bury and mourn
Our bereaved ones
Is a good thing to do

But let us bury and mourn
Our bereaved ones
By shedding our tears in silence
For few hours
But cherish their memories
And good deeds for life
Like the chimpanzees

Rather than shedding a lousy tears
For a week and quickly forget
Their memories and good deeds;

And most importantly
Their helpless families.

Samuel C. Enunwa 01-07-2013
The 2013 samueldpoetry

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The security I mean
Does not mean the guarding
Of a gate of an office or mansion

The security I mean
Simply means the one made
Out of the union of he and she
Or he and he or she and she
On the terrain of love

So if still
My words are hard
To bestow you understanding,
Then below are words
Of Gloria Okes Perkins:

“To understand and be understood,
to know, really know, what
another is thinking,
to say what you will and
be sure it is accepted as of value
or sifted through without reproof,
to be you, really you,
and know you are loved__
This is near-heaven.”

Samuel C. Enunwa 02-07-2013
The 2013 samueldpoetry;
love is my religion

Poetic Medicine

When yesterday I rolled my thoughts
On my wheel of poetic medicine

The wheel turned and turned and stopped
Pointing its cursor towards tetracycline

So because of safety cause
The poem has come to discuss:

Tetracycline usage is not for thee
With any form of liver trouble
And tetracycline in water soluble
May cause renal trouble to he or she

The breakdown products of tetracycline
May cause famconi syndrome
The very fatal kidney symptom
Whenever been examined

And lastly
Before I quit this poetry,
May cause dark yellow-grey teeth
To children with developing teeth.

Samuel C. Enunwa 30-06-2013

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