Im Begining to understand

Mr. Untouchable
I’m begining to understand
Your trade by barter
Which means:
“Give me your single vote
And I’ll give you bundle of things
(Starving,bombing,strike, economic meltdown, political unrest, abnormal bills from the legislatives …etc)”

Mr. Untouchable
Your the head of this family where
Many eyes are red, celebration of tears,
Empty bellies go to bed since common biscuit-bones are dare
Yet you shave your beards and care
About nothing else than to fly your private jet

Your the head of the street where
As at the end of November
Baloons and festive lights are
Yet to be hanging everywhere
And parents are yet to be buying
Shirt and dress
And kids are yet to be singing
Jingle Bells
Which has never happened before

If not that Islam and Christainity
Have made poor people so religious

The cook cooking for you
Would have set you on fire while you sleep
And the driver driving you
Would have run you into an inflammable vehicle
And the dude holding umbrella behind you
Would have stabbed in the back the you’ve done to us
For you to die like a fool

And if not that Islam and Christainity
Have made poor people so religious

I would have come to the Aso
And pick the rock
And stone you to death
For you to die and journey down
To the land of the dead
Where you’ll meet my parents
And grandparents and great grandparents
Who will lock your shirt
And bite your body to post-death
To show you how bad your leadership
Has suffered their son

And now that my mind I have spoken
The next thing
Is to find my body missing.

Samuel C. Enunwa
“A wicked heart shall be plucked out at the end and be fed to the wicked birds.”


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