I’m a poetry superstar
My friends told me that
For they know I’m an achiever
Only Wole Soyinka can deny that

If you believe me not
Go pour germalin in your custard
And drink it as a pap

For everywhere I go
Poetry’s what they know I do

Poetry makes me feel important
The way ladies do
When coming out of eatries
Like Mr. Biggs

So please, dont try to detach me from this love
This love has perforated me
And spiral binded me
In hard cover to poetry

That’s why
Every day-by-day
People see me more than I be
They see me, they see tree
They see me, they see Isealites crossing the red sea
They see miracle
Performed by someone
Under a spiritual influence
Speaking: “Mehrie Kashie Kamindo Meyreydey!”

And it even surprises me
That sometimes they see me, they see Felvin
Coming to heal their pains
Can you imagine this?

And finally,
I have no more to say than to say:
Poetry makes my body properties
Feel like a king.

Samuel C. Enunwa
“Poetry polishes souls to shine, far more than a shoe polish.”


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