English: African Hut at Bana, a small village ...

In the desert behind Kastina

There lived a blind man in the year 1999


In a hut there by himself

He lived alone like an outcast

Always willing to greet the passers-by


Good day, passers-by, please identify your gender

Whether single lady maybe ugly I do not mind…

Volunteer to be my wife to share this hut of mine


Yet in that year 1999

That man living alone and blind

Always received a disappointing replies


“Who will marry a wretch that cannot see?”

“Abomination! It won’t speak well of me”

Some will even say:

“I’ll rather remain spinster

Than to marry thee”


Until one fateful day

When sun shining up ahead was that of hell


The passer-by was a girl of eighteen

Spotless like faery with Shakira hips

Looking like a queen


The young lass of eighteen replied:

“Man! Be mindful of the song you sing that comes not from the heart”


The lonely blind man replied:

“I see not what I speak, but what I speak is the message from my heart”


The young lass of eighteen replied:

“Man! I’ve loved thee since fourteen and I’m done hiding it;

So if truth be what you speak then so be it.”


A week after sharing his hut with the girl

The blind man removed his sun glass of disguise

Ah! Never was he blind, what a surprise!


Took the girl by hand to the big city of Kastina

Where waited his castle with flashy cars;

The blind man said to the girl:

Only you believe love can be blind

So as a reward for true love,

In this my castle shall we live till we die.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Blind? (Photo credit: shrff)

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