Social Traffic: Five Ways to Make Posts More Shareable

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What blogger doesn’t feel a twinge of envy reading a runaway viral success story like Seth’s — 26 million views? Whoa!

We may not all be viral sensations, but we can make sure our posts are primed for sharing. Shareable content is about more than making sure there are Facebook and Twitter links at the ends of your posts. Here are five more ways to up the odds your readers (and their readers) will share your post far and wide.

1. One blogger published a post with a great title — and you’ll never guess what happened next!

There’s a reason you see so many Upworthy posts in your social network feeds: their titles are catchy, intriguing, and crafted to get you to click.

A strong title can mean the difference between hundreds of readers — or none. Between the 1.4 million posts published on every single day and the…

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Who Was There?

I pincheth my thumb… oozing blood
Lick it! You disagreed
Now my fingers dripping oil
Oil on my fingers one to five
Flowing down my fingernails
You hailed, you knelt
You drew your tongue near
Towards my fingers
You wanna lick my oil?

Oh, son of man!
On the tough road you ride alone
Oh, lo and behold! At the slope
Where the ride is smooth and sweet
They await you there to share your ride with you

I heard you’re rich now
Always in company of friends from all works of life
They are lovely
They are nice
They don’t cheat
They don’t backbite
They are willing to be there at all times

Who was there
When penury was feeding you slimming tea?

Who was there?
Only you and your head

You’re a senator now
Yes I can see you dining amidst cankerworms of caucuses
Who suddenly appeared

Who was there
When strategising worries were the only things sedating the territories of brain?

Who was there?
Only you or few of your families

I have learnt
When trophy comes people will surround you
They will deny you when troubles come your way.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

I Love Taylor Swift

Kiss my lips, Taylor Swift!
Make me feel relief

Hold my hands, Taylor Swift!
Make me feel the hangover of passion
Till New Year eve

And pleaaaase!
Tell not my lady
I’m in love with Taylor Swift
You cannot believe
The image of being
In this paradise
The paradise
I think Taylor Swift
I sing Taylor Swift
I feel Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift my relief
The relief that I feel
Singing through my skin
When listening to the songs
Of sweet Taylor Swift.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

When Time To Ejaculate

When to ejaculate tremor
Radiates my
Medulla oblongatally stored brain

Sudden feeling of fear and fidgeting
Stiff in my bones
Like a dialed phone I vibrate
Moaning the pinching itching
Sensations within
To lose my weight

And same is the feeling I feel
When writing all I write
So cease thinking all I write
I write with levity.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Gone Are the Days…

Bola, Lakwatsa at iba pa...

Gone are the days of tears and sadness,

Just move forward and find your true happiness,

Gone are the days of our endless apologies,

For our repeated mistakes and stupidities.

Gone are the days of believing in fate,

Calling for reconciliation is already too late.

Gone are the days of denials and betrayals,

Coz this isn’t just another relationship trial.

Gone are the days of “I miss you” and “I love you,”

Let’s just be friends before we could say: “I hate you.”

Gone are the days of making out and trying,

Let’s give up ‘coz our story won’t have a happy ending.

Written by: Den-Den Roxas

April 29, 2011

11:00 PM, in my room

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The New World Best

in the eyes
of son
love of his life
and fans and family and friends
flowed the tears of joy
for the success bestowed on @Ronaldo

Congratulations to my favorite footballer
Samuel C. Enunwa