Why Look Down On Anyone?

In this life
I advise not to look down on anyone

For water can turn to wine
And poultry egg can become garden egg
Or garden egg can become poultry egg
In this life
Full of mysteries

So ask yourself:
Did rice know
Corn would one day become popcorn
When he was looking down on him?

Did antelope
Ever think that snail would one day grow horn
When he was looking down on him?

Your brother is crippled
You refuse to put him on the wheelchair
Oh, will you not ride in his jumbo jet
If paradventure he got one?

So please
Discard your myopic intuitive membrane
And cease discriminating
Ou quel est votre probleme?

In the days of yore
When eagle couldn’t fly like
Sparrow, owl,
Flamingo or nightingale;
She was crawling with kiwi

Flying birds laughed at them
Looked down on them
And did condemn

In a hole
Mrs. Kiwi did hide herself
She couldn’t stand the shame
While Mrs. Eagle took the shame
Hopping helplessly night and day

One day
She began to soar higher than all other mocking beaks
The night the god of feather and fly
Bestowed onto her the power to.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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