You must Have Been In My Shoe

How to love
To be loved
Or make that special one
You’re willing to die for fall in love
Cannot be found
In universal basic education’s curriculum

Millions of webs hold the clue

Everyday by day
They chew love like chewing gum
In the tongue
Of a lusty bitch

If you ask me:
Askmen is one of them
Wikihow is one of them
Stir is one of them
Hubpages is one of them
And Ehow
Cannot be left out
From these crowd of love teaching websites

How can a poor blind guy
Find the love of his life?
They don’t teach that

How can a poor deaf and dumb
Woo the one he’s willing to die for
They don’t teach that

The crippled
The disabled
The poor moron
The imbecile
Are dying to win their queen,
The hot chick,
The sexy girl,
The sweet sixteen
They always see in their street
Beautifully dressed in sweet array
But to no avail

I know their pains
Their shoes
I know where it pinches
For I’m one of them
I’m disabled
Or preferably
Physically impaired
And I believe
You must have been in my shoe
Please, what can I do?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
My Quote:”Materialism has chased unconditional love to another planet.”


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