Forbidden Love

Bola, Lakwatsa at iba pa...


Yours is the face that I can’t forget,
Meeting you is something that I regret,
Now I’m lonely and I’m feeling blue,
Because I’ve fallen in love with you.

Your deep penetrating eyes have touched my soul,
Your smile has warmed my heart like a burning coal,
You woke me up from a hundred years of sleep,
And made me fell in love so deep.

Why do I have to meet you,
And feel this love so true,
When I cannot be with you,
Because it’s not a good thing to do.

I should’ve removed you in my head,
But I keep on thinking of you instead,
Heavens, please shed my life some light,
For I know that this love is not right!

By: Den-Den Roxas
August 23, 2013
11:00 PM
In my room

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