How Do I Live In Your Town For Long?

A good thing

A strange land they say:
A good place to breed

Somewhere in UK I’m dreaming
To be

I can see
In the telly
Your peaceful street
Your beautiful skin
Where crime is not in your wardrobe
Inflation is not a citizen
Of your nation

Oh UK! Oh UK!!
Should I unpack my bags now?

Oh UK!
Unto the cry of a strange tongue

How do I live you
The nights with two eyes closed?

At least
Odysseus lived peacefully
With Kalypso

And Aladdin
Were happy in emperor’s kingdom

Even Oduduwa
And Agbonmiregun also lived
In Ile-Ife in unity

The beauty and the beast
Were at peace
With each and each

So what will become of UK and me?

I’m naive
I need to know now
I need to know how to live your town
Live as one
For long
With my wife and children
And survive?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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