This Is How You See Your Mom

River Niger
And river Benue
Have finally met
Their love will live for life
Oh! Zambezi can live with envy
What a waste of energy!

No trial and error
Nor casting die in the sky

You’re beautiful
Even if they don’t believe it
Is true you’re beautiful than
The nursing mother in the moon

Your bad attitude
Makes you a perfect being

I know you care
More than dads do

I pray my dad wont read this too
I’m in trouble

Dad please!
Hit not my head with staff in thy hand
It pains twice than cane made from twine

I know dad is my mirror
I know it for sure but
You’re my gold in many folds

You guard me
You guard my head
You teach me
You teach my head
You easily step on my toes at will
And such is a prove
Of being a living soul

My mom is my mom
Lend me yours of course
She won’t be as my mom
My one in a million

My mom!
Your presence makes me care for carrot
Or sweet things of this world

Be gone
I’ll loose my appetite
My right
To eat what I like;

If you’re reading this rhyme by now
I’m sure this’ how you see your mom.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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