Chess And My Country

My country is a chessboard
The populace are chess pieces
The masses, I repeat,
The masses are pawns
Upheavals, inflations and
All sorts of economic turmoils
Are forces they confront

The pawns are in front
Pushing forward to the war
Striving for survival
A step at a time
They move to the war
Each success, each capture
Each pinning, en-passanting
By the masses of my country
Is one diagonal step digression
Into more and more trouble

The masses of my country
Becomes hanging pawns
Passive pawn, backward pawn
Helpless isolated pawns
They’re in soup

In soup the pawns of my country
Have forgotten
There’s no going back
Like moron they move on
Zombie, Oh! Zombie

“We must fight till the end!”
The king
In his castled Aso-Rock;
Since the intention of men
Good or bad
No one can know

Even when you see men running
And something
Is dangling in their tummy
It is excess water
Or too much of alcohol
It can never be their intention
Of good or bad mission

That’s why I have to cry
Oh pawns!
Who are we fighting for!?
The caricatures
The selfish king
The house of reps embezzling

Who are we fighting for?
Have we forgotten
That when pawns die
The king and queen
Will remain
To claim the glory?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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