MY LIPS (A Poem by Gladys May Casely Hayford 1904 -1950 )

This verse

You must have seen

Before for sure

But my notion I

Will make thee know;

Lips I hold in light esteem

Until she

May Casely

Gladys, the poetic deity wrote

Of lips so ecstatic blowing my mind away

Far away

Each day by day I

Recite this:

  “My lips were buds of innocence until
came one day
And drew a fountain from my heart and
careless went your way,

My lips were hungry, eager flowers
in ecstatic bliss
To gather the soft sweetness of my next
lover’s kiss.

My lips were luscious ripeness of a
and poisoned vine
When you bent your lips upon me and
my soft
ones clung to thine

My lips are withering fading flowers, full
weary unto death
Dew without moisture is thy kiss; wind
without heat thy breath.

A fugitive tear wells up from my eyes
is secretly, silently shed.

Are lips that once were innocent, so
withered, so parched, so dead?”

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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