See Life Is So Unbelievable

Some have food but cannot eat
Some can eat but have no food
Some have food and they can eat
This life is unbelievable

That is why many straight eyes
Selfishly think straight
But today I divert my visage

I pick my dictionary
And I see homos

Homo media
And homo human beings

I realise
Some are born
Some are made
Some are nurtured to live homoly

If truly
You are born to be…
You’re a friend of mine
Shake my hands
I am straight
But I can’t discriminate
When you have your life to live
Keep homonising
But hurt no one against their wills

If truly you
You are made to be…
You were born not with homo attribute
You can change your ways
Break the shackles in your life
Take the bulls by the horn
Opposite sex is sweet
And interesting too;

For if boys fall in love with girls
And if girls fall in love with boys
Within it there is joy.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
© samueldpoetry442 – all rights reserved.
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