Me And My Family We Appreciate You

Oh twitter
Close to thousand followers
Await me

An on linkedin
Strangers eye await mine

But wordpress is the best
The best diary
There you can read my mind

So show me!
Show it to my iris
The best way to say thank you to souls
Following my wordpress post

On behalf of my family and me
I know not a better way
Is why I’m writing these lines
To say thank you:

To humanity 777
Eli Glasman
Shawn L Bird
Stuart M Perkins
Sean Lynch
Denis Cardiff
Roxi St. Clair
John Coyete
Don Charisma
Kimalee Jones
Anna Mosia
Vidin Brisbane
Mr. Dain
The Jerseygal
Sammielee46, etc.
To you all I say thank you

But come to my street
You’ll see
I have many friends
I divorce them

Friendship of them to me is too cloy
Not for a man who is no more a boy
I need no man to play me like toy

Every night and day now
I skype with GOD
And ping the angels
On my Blackberry Curve

Wooing them
Asking them
Where the hell
The embassy
To heaven
I need a passport

For heaven is livelier

And angels are friendlier
More than men do

I wish I was telling the truth.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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