In Memory Of Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

With Malice Toward None: A Life
of Abraham Lincoln, by Stephen B.
Oates; was the book I read for three hours yesternight when I couldn’t sleep. That’s why I wrote this poem:

Yesternight in my boredom
I read you won many storms
I read you never succumb
I read of your honest form
I was told of the stories you loved to formed
You quickly lost your mom
You loved to joke than rum
I know and I know of legend you’ve become
You were handsome
Your wife blossom
Abbey Lincoln,
I know you’re in God’s bosom
There you rule a new kingdom
But please, if you can hear the voice of this poem
I need a reply to come
Is my name written in God’s kingdom?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Battleground’s The Heart Of Every African Man

Africa’s the land of culture

Constantly in constancy
If your eyes can see vividly you’ll
Ruling african teritories

Agreed I agree
Some are lost to the cage
Of this age of civilisation rage page

Lost like a needle
With threadlessly fallen to the sea
Of muddy sands

Cannot be found
For instance battle between
Culture and civilisation
I know you’ll not know gravity
Of it

Yet battleground’s
The heart of every african man

That’s why
Culture is living in their names
Happily dancing where they live haply
Remoting their believe as tv screen
Mr. Culture
I hold my hat and doff my heart for thee painfully

Till this moment I write my verse
Culture has held the pen
Boldly forbidden them
Not to sign the bill of gay marriage
In my country.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Until Mankind Obeys

(NOTE: Do you still remember Matthew 7:26? )

Oh! Stay behind
Pick 40 cowries from this shrine
And cast oracle to divine
This matter’s between
Evil and mankind

Both descending from the surface
Of the sky
To the surface of the earth

Sacrificial offering
They must make at the gate
Of destiny

Evil refused
As well did mankind

To make mankind see hell on earth
Was the vow of evil

To do on earth as it pleases the mind
Was the vow of mankind

Every day-by-day on earth
Everywhere on earth
Evil is found here and there

Making man lack
Making man sick
Making man cry the tears in his eyes
After killing his offsprings

Oh! None can be done
Until mankind obeys
For sacrificial offering be made

Else evil shall remain with mankind
Tormenting him everyday.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Where Was Eye?

Where was eye?
Where was eye?
Where was eye and eye and ear?
When chaos was dangling in the sky

Where was eye?
Where was eye?
Where was eye and eye and ear?
When chaos was dangling left and right
Left and right
Ready to fall from the sky
Where was eye then?

No one knew it then
No one cared then
Not even an eye

No one bothered
Till it fell from the sky
To the ground
Scatterd around

Caused commotion
Heads and legs are now running
Up and down
“Where is our hiding ground?”

O! You know not what I mean
Go to Sudan
Nigeria where boko harams
Bombing innocent skin for vultures
To feed on their skin smelling flying
Flies buzzing
The community victims

Are there no placards rallying down your town?

Are there no rescue mission
Filing like ants in your town?

Are there no news of trafficking of things and teens
On your tv screen?

How long will this agony last?

We have heads
Selfish heads
They are the ones who sold us out
I guess.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

And Your Love’s Like These

And your love is like these
Your love is like this
Your love a symptom
I need no stethoscope to diagnose

Each time you dial my line
Asking what I’ll take for diner
I know you still love me

Each time you damn worried
On my long silence
I know you still love me

Each time you wake me at 3 a.m
Showing me your brand new bikini
As sign of surprise
I know you still love me

And each time you ask me
“Do you still love me?”
I know you still love me

I still love you my sweet love
In my heart I recite your love
Like a scriptural verse of love
Even if your love

A filthy dungeon
With love I’ll live therein

Even if your love
An ocean
And you
The mermaid queen
Therein I’ll live to be thy king

Thy love is like this
A symptom

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Lets Play Chess

Pawn to e4 is what I play
it’s your turn to play

Respond my friend
Sicilian defense is what you play
Such a sign that you a flirt

If you play Pirc
You love your girl

If you play French
You love Paris

King Indian defense
For souls
With ruling traits

Petrov defense
Says to me
You’re a bully

Philidor defense
Are for timid ones

For troublemakers

For tricksters

Alekhine defense
For souls
With heroic sense
They reverend
The heros of chess

Game of chess; a game of life
For what you play is what you are.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Egg Of A Quail

Beak is for birds
Shell is for eggs
The by-product of a bird
Income, feeding come from it

Blessed are the eaters of it
For they shall know good health

What are we saying?
Neglect not ugly ellipsoidal things

Taking in egg of a quail is
Making thy belly a mine
Of precious gems
Of copper, zinc
Iron, magnesium
And unbelievable things

At the sight of egg of a quail
Ulcer, liver disorder
Blindness and more ailments
Run away
Far away

Egg of a quail
Add at least two to
Thy meals today.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry