You Won’t Believe

To live right in life
Is the way to live wrongly

And in death
Can perfect living be found
For friends and foes will remember thee
For good

And thy statue
Will stand smiling at the middle of the street
With no enmity against it

Believe it or not
Wise men are only in paradise
Those we see to be wise
Are those
Who hypnotised our eyes
And mutilated the consciousness of our brain
To make us believe they are wise

On my kbees
On my knees
Is where I am now
Hoping and praying
You won’t crucify
My stupid philosophies

Before you do
Bayo was a friend
Who married Joy
In place of Kate

Eyes that saw
Ears that heard
Said it was a good choice

They lived and died
But no kid they had

At the heaven’s door
Bayo begged God
He lamented
“I regret, oh Lord!
Send me back to earth
I’ll make the right choice!”

So swift like a movie
His life was reversed

He took Kate in place of Joy
And they live and they died
And two girls and a boy
Happily was kids they had

Getting to heaven’s door
God lamented:
“Bayo, my son!
Now you thought you had made the right choice
But those kids were not of yours
They were… but of your neighbors!”

I’m samueldpoetry
I hope you’re learning the true summary of life.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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