Pregnant Women

If ya think pregnant women
Are disgusting

You gonna think again
Think again
Think beyond the shape you see
That makes you wanna vomit

Pegnant feminine
When I see them I see
Elle est belle
I see
Elle est grosse
I see
Le nouveau-ne

I agree
Like frog
They look robust
They spit a lot
They pee a lot
The smell of thy perfume
Irritate them a lot

They sleep a lot
Each second by second in a spot
They walk with fatigue around

But what?
What else do we want
If not tree with a fruit
A plant with a seed
A womb with life within
A precious gem
A generation unborn is what they carry

Lets show them love
Ya love might be tool
To improve maternal health.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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