International Women’s Day

They are there in recess…
Behind towns
Amidst crowd of roots and greens and
Singing sparrows

They are there
Watching civilization from offing

Today is their day
They know it not
By the way
Why didn’t they?

They are there
Molding pots

Weaving mats

And baskets

And clothings

Palm trees to palm oil

Mammoth african mommies
Unaware of… Because

Electricity they know not
In slavery of abject poverty
They live

NGOs and GOs are mirage caricature
In their soil that’s why
Information route to eavedrop
What today is meant for
Is none
Or shattered or inferior
And they know not

I switch on my tv
I see
Many mommies of pacific continents
Asia happily celebrating but
Many breast that made africa what she is
Are in neglects in rural african villages

No wonder selfishness
Has left africa in the state of blindness
With no staff to tread

I shed my tears
I wish every african mommy
And of the world in general

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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