Battleground’s The Heart Of Every African Man

Africa’s the land of culture

Constantly in constancy
If your eyes can see vividly you’ll
Ruling african teritories

Agreed I agree
Some are lost to the cage
Of this age of civilisation rage page

Lost like a needle
With threadlessly fallen to the sea
Of muddy sands

Cannot be found
For instance battle between
Culture and civilisation
I know you’ll not know gravity
Of it

Yet battleground’s
The heart of every african man

That’s why
Culture is living in their names
Happily dancing where they live haply
Remoting their believe as tv screen
Mr. Culture
I hold my hat and doff my heart for thee painfully

Till this moment I write my verse
Culture has held the pen
Boldly forbidden them
Not to sign the bill of gay marriage
In my country.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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