Until Mankind Obeys

(NOTE: Do you still remember Matthew 7:26? )

Oh! Stay behind
Pick 40 cowries from this shrine
And cast oracle to divine
This matter’s between
Evil and mankind

Both descending from the surface
Of the sky
To the surface of the earth

Sacrificial offering
They must make at the gate
Of destiny

Evil refused
As well did mankind

To make mankind see hell on earth
Was the vow of evil

To do on earth as it pleases the mind
Was the vow of mankind

Every day-by-day on earth
Everywhere on earth
Evil is found here and there

Making man lack
Making man sick
Making man cry the tears in his eyes
After killing his offsprings

Oh! None can be done
Until mankind obeys
For sacrificial offering be made

Else evil shall remain with mankind
Tormenting him everyday.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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