Words are gold
Vital for communicating

But language of the English souls
Or German or Greek
By no means a force to speak

So speak ye me
The dialect
Thy tongue
Truely comprehends

Speak that which
Thy tongue can befriend
So fluently!

You say you speak English
Yet English is speaking you
Making you the bait
On the hook
For fishing ridicule

You can’t differentiate

You can’t differentiate

You’ll say:
“Sam, don’t DISTOP me”
When you meant to say

My friend
You know not the crime you commit
Opening up
The bedroom of your mouth
To ejaculate sentences
Viral to my hearing

If English is what you like
Take a class on it
To cease committing sins
Of grammatical slaughtering

That ends today’s lesson.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry.

Imagine The Birds

So famous for cannot fly

So famous for soaring high

So everywhere
The trees
The skies
Atop of a belfry
Flying or staring with beak
So lovely and caring

The hawks
With fearsome shadows
With swiftest gliding
From sky to the ground
And ground to the sky
So dangerous like dynamites
To lizards and the chicks strolling around
On the ground

What prove
Do we search for that we can’t see
To believe
There is beauty in everything?

Quit underestimating
What you can do

The Dance Began To Dance The Dancer

When dance began to dance the dancer you saw
Dancing skelewu! Skelewu!
Skelelelele lelewu! Skelewu

My friend
Just know
Mr. Death
Has taken a hold on him or her
With coldness arm
In coldness cage of deadly unconsciousness
Unawareness of existence and
Things around him or her

So tell the popping eyes
Popping in and out
Up and down
And searching
So hard
Things to poke nose to know things
Of no biz of yours but
Just to feed your gossip tongue

Your tongue
Your popping eyes so wild
Your ears and instrument of gossip poke-nosing
Shall one day be shot
And the key be thrown down
The depth
Of the ocean of Mr. Death
For you to be gone forevermore
As the end.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

It Pays To Live No More

Love and learn and take a tour
And treasure life in good measure
Full of fun with good pleasure
And every soul you must adore
For they as well are God’s creature
And cloth your skin to beauty more
And belly well for good posture
With good carriage and be mature
And be mature to know for sure
How beauty dressed is our nature
How good and cool is a coleslaw
How ship and yatch in their harbor
Can bestow joy our souls adore
So don’t be blind before
You adore the things you saw
And don’t be lost before
You adore the things you fought for
And don’t be dead before
You adore the life’s azure
But if you’re sixty and still so poor
Oh! Then it pays to live no more.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

And There Was Light At Old Trafford

Genesis 1:3
And so God said:
“Let there be light
And there was light
At Old Trafford!”

On this day
April 26
The Lord has made
Miracle day
Footballer made manager
Ryan Giggs made Messiah

O yes!
I saw
Hell of boredom lifted on
Champions (Red Devil)

I saw
O! nudity of my eyes saw
Blind hopes began to see

Lame tongues began to talk
The victory songs… singing more goals
Should come

At the last trumpet of judgement was
Four lashes of goals
At the buttock of Norwich city

Congratulations to thee, Ryan Giggs

Congratulations to good decision making
O! Ye Manchester United FC

Forget not to dedicate the goals
To Tito Vilanova
Since four goals
Correctly spell Tito
The freshly dead one.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Heartlessly They Stabbed The Young Boy

Heartlessly they stabbed the young boy

What sin has committed he to stab the young boy?
The young boy…
The phlegmatic young boy
So brave at heart
But young as every young boy

Little remained they naked the young boy
But what sin has committed he to stab the young boy?
To burden the young boy?
To molest the young boy?
To drag the young boy
Publicly around in the ground like a strange boy?

Thats why
I just have to cry for this young boy
The young boy
Whom wickness gathered around to put to shame
At the Federal Capital Territory of Jealousy

And if truly
You’re a friend of history
You will know
Jesus Christ is the young boy.
(John 3:16)

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Women Vs Men

You say you’re more vital to christendom
‘Cos you saw Jesus first (John 20:14-17)

You say
The love and norms of Christ
Is paramount in thy heart
Than that of men
‘Cos you wept at the tomb of Jesus Christ (John 20:11)

But who bought the tomb of Christ
To make him befitting burial?
If not men (Matthew 27:59-60)

Who bought the cadaver of Christ
From enemies wanting to experiment
On his bone and skin?
If not men (John 19:38-40)

Who gathered
to fast and pray
And delebrate
The ways to move on
The work of Christ?
If not men

No matter the argument that we raise,
Women vs men
None should win
For are equal in the sight of God.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
Wishing You Happy Easter Season