Rapist And The Raped

People of my state
Wake up!
Open thy iris and be at wake!

Rapist and the raped who is to be blamed?

The raped
Are blamed
And treated like dogs given bad names

Those put to shame are
The raped

You’ll hear my people say:
Why did she dress like whore in the first place
Seducing men on the street with her tight jeans

People of my state
We only attend places of sanctuaries
Forgetting what the scripture says:
Pluck off the eyes that’ll bring you sin
And chop off the thighs that’ll cause
Adultery or fornication to thy skin

You blame your housemaid
Not your husband, the rapist

You blame the thirteen year old girl hawking
Not the drunk forty-something year old men, the rapist

O! What is wrong with my street?

What seduction is in a girl of ten
You forcefully pull her panties?

What seduction is in a boy of thirteen
You took canal knowledge of him?

As you rape the abled
The physically impaired are not
Exception of your atrocities

The waifs and strays
The begging blinds
The deafs and dumbs
The cripples
The destitutes on the street
Unable to feed their intestines

Wake up! People of my state
Is a disease
That needs diagnosing.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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