Sacrifice To Gods; Hommage To Deities

Which wise man can safely fetch water
With a silky skirt?

Which knowledgeable man can know exact count
Of the sand?

They that know exact baby
In a pregnant snail

They that interpret correctly
The language of a stormy rain

That’s why
Offering must be made
To gods of destiny

Hommage must be paid
To gods of attitude

I lament:
Can I get all I wish for on earth?

Yes! If sacrifice

Yes I did

After I did

Oceans of fulfillment I see flow to the shore of me

Every day by day
Hommage must go to them
For they taught the worms
To dig easily to the soil

For they taught the birds
To weave their nests like a basket

With sign language for love
I stretch my arm forth
Hailing thee
The gods and deities
Of attitude and destiny

For you taught the souls
Of men in subconscious rest
If could envisage the recess
Of their heart with just an eye.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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