Or So Help Me Go, I’ll Stab You In Your Sleep

Under the tent of my meditation
There, my mind sat by my side
To question

Does it not pay to love a whore
In fur of a wolf
Than a lady; gentle as a dove
In sheep’s gown?

A lamb
Saintly calm
Sitting chewing cud
In front of a shepherd’s door

In summation of my life
I have loved thee… Why?

The meekness of thy eyes
The softness of thy touch
The simplicity in thy sentences
Thy gentleness at all times

I’ve loved your life
I’ve fallen for it

From me to work
From work to church
From church to me

The triangle of thy lifestyle
Is all I’ve cast my eye above
To fall for you

But why?
But why?
Baby why?
Why did you make me so rely
On thy love since century B.C

But why?
When you aren’t
What you pose to be?

A cub will never chew cud
And can never be mistaken
For sheeps that chew cud

A castrated he-goat
Will always be meek
Simple and gently going
And can so be mistaken
For sheeps that chew cud;

A wolf in a sheep’s gown
O girl!
Is what you are

You wasted my time

I’ll quote Barbara Alyn Woods
I wont quote it again:
“Just pack a bag
And get out of my life
Or so help me God
I will stab you in your sleep!”

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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