The Dance Began To Dance The Dancer

When dance began to dance the dancer you saw
Dancing skelewu! Skelewu!
Skelelelele lelewu! Skelewu

My friend
Just know
Mr. Death
Has taken a hold on him or her
With coldness arm
In coldness cage of deadly unconsciousness
Unawareness of existence and
Things around him or her

So tell the popping eyes
Popping in and out
Up and down
And searching
So hard
Things to poke nose to know things
Of no biz of yours but
Just to feed your gossip tongue

Your tongue
Your popping eyes so wild
Your ears and instrument of gossip poke-nosing
Shall one day be shot
And the key be thrown down
The depth
Of the ocean of Mr. Death
For you to be gone forevermore
As the end.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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