So Trapped In This World Wide Web

I’m an insect
So trapped in this world wide web
I can’t go nowhere

But pity me not
My choice it is to bring my
Carelessly chosen verse here.

O you spiders of this web!
Go ahead and suck and smear
And smear as much as you can
Everywhere on this world wide web

And smear it
And let it fill the silk of this world wide web
And let it smear to the threads
To stick to any insect on this world wide web

For my ideas and thoughts
And secrecy drowning
In the lagoon of my saliva
I’ve chosen poetry to set them free

With less lampoon
And few personifications
And metaphors

Please, don’t ask me why
For I won’t tell you
Until you tell me when
The blue bird sitting above every twitter account
Will lay its own egg.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

If My Poem Is A Picnic

If my poem is a picnic
Will you not pick your
Friends and families
And a very big basket
Full of
Drinks and meats and meals
And carry wallet in your
And carry them in your
Or station wagon car
To come enjoy me?

We poets!

This kind of kindness
We crave from thee;
Not money.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Jerusalem Is Full Of Surprises

Show me the flight to visit Jerusalem
Give me the ticket to visit Jerusalem
My priority is to visit Jerusalem

Each time I close my eyes
I see Jerusalem in my mind
A paradise
So full of surprises
A journey to the centre of the earth
Is Jerusalem each time I close my eyes

O Jerusalem!
Jerusalem of the Bible is no more Jerusalem of today

One has gone astray

So beat me, beg me, ask me of the stray one I swear to God I won’t say

With no dalay I need a trip to Jerusalem
Jerusalem! The holy place
Jerusalem! The place of peace
Jerusalem! The peaceful city with no crisis
Where no one has lacked anything
Where no spare has taken bloodshed

Oh my God!
A peaceful city for
One God, one religion
No discrimination

You Jerusalem skin
I know you await my visit
Make me rice
Bake me cake
Keep my Champagne I’m on the way but

If you love not my image of Jerusalem
O! Please, crucify me not I’m a poet
I wrote this Jerusalem when I’m not
My normal self.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Death Is A Scientific Induction

Lead my spirit highway where my spirit may dance

Let it face the hare trance speeding straight to my way

Holy spirit is real but evil I wave it

Christainity for real my baptism was with

To with courage and wit; with the strangeness of zeal

I boldly glued a red rose firm to my thin cross

And roped my thin cross close to the heart of my soul

Lo and behold! Flamings, flowings, crustings, blowings

I visualised keenly placed on equal scaling

To realise tears and tearings are different things

And realise scaring is not the same as be scared

Scratch thyself in hut of unseen divinity!

To seek peace where peace is so in gritty pieces

Where human race eat bombing and chaos as cake

And seek peace with pisces on mattress of seabeds

Or mingle with space where human race yet do not

So, quote me now! I’m seraph on earth, my dear friend

And so seraphic portrait of mine be engraved

In the ceramic wall of infinte true times

For dying and death are scientific induction in the laboratory
Of immortality

So, don’t be scared.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Like Usain Bolt Is Good For Running

Gifts are bestowed to all beings
That all beings be good for something
Like Usain Bolt so good for running
Okigbo, Mandela, Phil Colins
And Mike Tyson are good for something
Micheal Jordan is good for dunking
Daniel Wilson is good for singing
Pastor Chris is good for preaching
Will Smith is good for filming
Famous Wowo is good for casting
Gary Kasparov is good for mating
While me for controversial rhyming
As in chiming climbing liming
If you know exactly what I mean;

I appreciate those condemning me
Because they’re good for nothing.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry



Why such in a haste

Why can’t you wait

To wait, to embrace it

Hug it. Cuddle it. And let it

Fondle your skin

Make your skin wet like a bedraggled chicken
Yet I hear you on the street



It’s raining

You’re hiding under

Stores, under sheds

Under opened umbrellas

But why?

Why can’t you await this raining?

This raining

Taking a taste of your skin asking and saying

You do have a beautiful skin

Is it rosemary or musk or ginger?

Why can’t you await this raining?

This raining

Beating your head

It can’t bore hole into it

This raining

Beating your skin

It can’t erode dermis of it.

But why can’t you just stroll in this raining

And feel the supple hands of rainy reason?


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


You’re So Beautiful…

You are so beautiful
Like a platinum gold
Your beauty’s incomparable

You are so beautiful
Like a date of birth
Your presence is memorable

And many more and many more things
Are some things that make me come into
Your presence

Like your gaits
Are gentle soothing waves
Blowing on early morning Sunday

Like your dance
So tempting like
Diamonds are there amidst your thighs
The way your skirt dangles on your waist

O lady!
You are poetry with many imageries

O lady!
You are more than two syllables to me

And many examinations of many constellations
Have made me realise…

There is sunlight in your smiles,
Butterflies in your eyes
Your handshakes
My lady,
Are unimaginable freebies

O lady! You are so divinised

O lady! Your love is in my smiles

O lady! Your smile is in my eyes

Until you made me realise
I used to think that I can’t,

You are mountain I can’t climb
Until you surmounted my fear
With a heart of kindness
And held my hand and said:
All you need is to be there
And care for me always.”

samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry