The Punishment For Revisiting

How come I’m yet alien in land
By now alien I thought would be?

Fallen sign boards unerected yet… Pigeons still
Choiring atop this storey building edge and roof
Eyes staring me for that welcome familiarity
And no fulfillment yet as seek by those seeking it
Within this lag of seven solid straight years gone by
Nothing vogue, nothing will be in vogue nor obsolete
In this land, I would love to call land of sameness state

Same old birds sing, same old twilight melting in the sky

Same old breeze still coming and going waving goodbye
Smiling saying “see you tomorrow after cock crow”

And same old piling dump’s taller now by the road side
Highly triangulated sight affront my car while
Trying to bend with bended road I raced by

Sacred Heart Hospital stood unrelocated still
With peeling painted wall corroding steels holding the ceiling

Cycling tricycles smashingly splashing dirty raindrops
On my Paul Smith

See me see disbelieve!
This woman still selling pineapples
Under same 7up umbrella; I can’t believe!

Each dawn, same routine
Is she not praying to God?
Praying for changes or
What exactly sin has committed she?

Oh, Lord!
My God!
Things I expect are not things I see
No changes
Is this a punishment for revisiting?

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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