Seduce Me Not

Seduce me not from the early decaying
Of my dying death. Wait! Stand at ease! At alert!
Turn to right my soul;
The true soul of me is not amiss, it’s
Amidst the misty skying heaven mingling with
The cloud
Searching so eagerly
For those stuff; the things within…
The heavenly bodies and stars and comets and thunder-birds and
Bedrocks of rainbows in state of rarity
Believe it. Clockwise
Was walking the soul of mine last 744 hour ago
But ah! and now about to
Divert, why? But Why should it be?
Switch off the tv screen,
The remote, I’m here, toss it to me
Let me be hand to navigate the channels of my brain.

So please,
Seduce me not from the dawn of the rottenness
Of my bereaved death

And please,
Seduce me not until deities
Rusticate me
From the gropingly lightless altar I kneel.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
Im even on


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