You’re So Beautiful…

You are so beautiful
Like a platinum gold
Your beauty’s incomparable

You are so beautiful
Like a date of birth
Your presence is memorable

And many more and many more things
Are some things that make me come into
Your presence

Like your gaits
Are gentle soothing waves
Blowing on early morning Sunday

Like your dance
So tempting like
Diamonds are there amidst your thighs
The way your skirt dangles on your waist

O lady!
You are poetry with many imageries

O lady!
You are more than two syllables to me

And many examinations of many constellations
Have made me realise…

There is sunlight in your smiles,
Butterflies in your eyes
Your handshakes
My lady,
Are unimaginable freebies

O lady! You are so divinised

O lady! Your love is in my smiles

O lady! Your smile is in my eyes

Until you made me realise
I used to think that I can’t,

You are mountain I can’t climb
Until you surmounted my fear
With a heart of kindness
And held my hand and said:
All you need is to be there
And care for me always.”

samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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