Death Is A Scientific Induction

Lead my spirit highway where my spirit may dance

Let it face the hare trance speeding straight to my way

Holy spirit is real but evil I wave it

Christainity for real my baptism was with

To with courage and wit; with the strangeness of zeal

I boldly glued a red rose firm to my thin cross

And roped my thin cross close to the heart of my soul

Lo and behold! Flamings, flowings, crustings, blowings

I visualised keenly placed on equal scaling

To realise tears and tearings are different things

And realise scaring is not the same as be scared

Scratch thyself in hut of unseen divinity!

To seek peace where peace is so in gritty pieces

Where human race eat bombing and chaos as cake

And seek peace with pisces on mattress of seabeds

Or mingle with space where human race yet do not

So, quote me now! I’m seraph on earth, my dear friend

And so seraphic portrait of mine be engraved

In the ceramic wall of infinte true times

For dying and death are scientific induction in the laboratory
Of immortality

So, don’t be scared.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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