Jerusalem Is Full Of Surprises

Show me the flight to visit Jerusalem
Give me the ticket to visit Jerusalem
My priority is to visit Jerusalem

Each time I close my eyes
I see Jerusalem in my mind
A paradise
So full of surprises
A journey to the centre of the earth
Is Jerusalem each time I close my eyes

O Jerusalem!
Jerusalem of the Bible is no more Jerusalem of today

One has gone astray

So beat me, beg me, ask me of the stray one I swear to God I won’t say

With no dalay I need a trip to Jerusalem
Jerusalem! The holy place
Jerusalem! The place of peace
Jerusalem! The peaceful city with no crisis
Where no one has lacked anything
Where no spare has taken bloodshed

Oh my God!
A peaceful city for
One God, one religion
No discrimination

You Jerusalem skin
I know you await my visit
Make me rice
Bake me cake
Keep my Champagne I’m on the way but

If you love not my image of Jerusalem
O! Please, crucify me not I’m a poet
I wrote this Jerusalem when I’m not
My normal self.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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