The Life Of A Poet

If a man has yet found what he’ll die for,
he’s yet fit to be a man

And that’s why you closed your eyes
you crossed your heart
and dotted your pin amidst the three genres

Voila! It’s poetry.
You began to scribble things
scribble things
scribble things

People began to call you poet
for the fireworks of your poetry
spreading everywhere

You gained respect.
You gained regret.
You gained both

Like boat on a foamy sea
seeing situation of your life

You have hope
you’re doing your thing
knowing well the rewards
are few coins,
wooden or metal shields
you place on your shelf
to brag to your boys
“look at all I’ve achieved”

Oh full time poets!
You’re squirels
squirels eat what is found
squirels sleep many nights unfed
no one knows it
for simile smiles in your voice
assonanc dances on your tongue

Like government workers
immortality is your gratuity
something you can’t put on the table
to feed your boys

Yes, in words,
poetry has made you rich so rich
yet financially
you can’t be rich like Bill Gate

You knew it yet
you resign to poetic fate.

In fact,
Its faithfulness that makes a poet;
the devotion to nothingness.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Do You Know Jesus Is An Ordinary Name?


Guilty of the crime is all and sundry
for every time I see
through lens of constancy
they shouting: Jesus!

Every small thing, they shouting:

During a car crash, they shouting:

During a nightmare, they shouting:

During the horror scene of a horror movie
they shouting: Jesus!

Even at a gunpoint
when robbers are robbing peacefully,
they shouting: Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!!

there’re one thousand and one
Jesus on earth
and Jesus Navas is one of them
and Jesus Jones is one of them

When next
you wanna call the Son of Mary;
stop saying Jesus,
say Jesus Christ

When next
you wanna proclaim the Savior;
stop saying Jesus,
say Jesus Christ

When next
you wanna revrence Messiah;
stop saying Jesus,
say Jesus Christ

For cup is different from cupboard
and chalk is different from chalkboard

So Jesus is different from Jesus Christ;
stop making the mistake.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry.

Things I’ve Never Done Before


I keep asking myself
When will I buy anything samsung?

When will I plant beans for the first time
in my life?

I’ve never hijacked a car
I’ve never played hockey,
skiing, skating, snowboarding
snow has never fallen on my body before

I’ve never done skydiving
I’ve never fished in the glacier
nor boarded helicopter
nor entered a skyscraper

I’ve never entered a shrine
nor tapped palm wine
nor boarded submarine
nor assisted the blind

Mention mining sites,
I’ve never been there before
Mention Dubai,
I’ve never been there before
even under water world
where people watch water creatures
through a monster glass,
I’ve never been there as well

I’ve never sniff cocaine before
I’ve never shot ak-47 rifle
I’ve never crammed psalm 2:11
I’ve never double dated before

I’ve never dated a chinese girl
I’ve never acted a threesome sex
and none of my exes are royal blood

No snake has ever beaten me
No cop has ever detained me
I’ve never swim in swimming pool
nor eaten fura-di-nunu

I’ve never tasted an indian food
I’ve never baked a wheat bread
I’ve never burnt cake in the oven
I’ve never been to the moon
I’ve never bought a whisky
I’ve never won a lottery

Each day by day
I’m growing old
so many things
I’ve never done
in this world I’m living in,
believe me
I’m not lying.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

A New Kind Of Rhyme


You meet someone
tell him or her
a rhyme is a reserved hymn

explain him or her
the slant rhyme
perfect rhyme
within and outside rhyming
I can rhyme

I can rhyme and revive
Martin Luther King Junior

I can rhyme and revive
the modern mind slaving

Or should I rhyme the kind of
the king will dance and doff his

Or should I rhyme the kind of
the queen will drop the crown and
marry me clown?

This kind of rhyme
is emotional rhyming
like crying
missing someone so dearing
I can rhyme

I can rhyme the kind of
that if I do this kind of
like liming
and climbing
and chiming
the trees will begin crying

The deers will begin living in nests

And the cats will begin flying the skies
like sparrows and skylarks

So flying and singing in the skies
oh! mind you, my guy;
this kind of rhyme
is not an ordinary eye.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

To Be A Man In Developing Countries

To be a man in developing countries
is difficult; I hear people say it

But truth it is
being an educated disabled man seeking employment
in developing countries

Lucky you!
You’re not an imbecile

Lucky you!
You can speak and talk to someone

Lucky you!
You can hear and earpiece your eardrum
and can even drum the beats
in your churches and places of sanctuaries

You need be grateful
Your God-given flagella can still take you everywhere
I swear, the life of a crippled one is not an easy one
It’s like a wiper of a moving car
when rain is no raining

You need be very grateful to God
The pipelines of your pupils can still export images to your brain
In fact, the life of a blind one is not an easy one
Even Hellen Keller cannot deny it

So let no one demoralise you with pity
Keep striving!
You can make it!
Don’t be pathetic
in these developing countries.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Yogic Flying

Some obsessions turn to love
to love making the heart roll on the ground
like a casted die
with uncertain outcome

If you’ve been there before
I am into it now
now that folks ask me
Are you in love with Taylor Swift?
I said NO!

Knowing well denial to be shield
against fellows mockery

But you’re driving me crazy Taylor Swift.

The chorograghies in your voices are my greatest melody
and swiftly Taylor Swift, they sweep me off my feet.

I can see you stride decently
like decent whores in high places
to touch my lips;
I’m only imagining.

Your hellen’s iris
levitate me above knees
Oh, can’t you see laghiman spirit
your love bestows upon me
I’m close to flying

So inspiring

The fires of your thighs propelling me
like rockets to the skies

And when we hit my dark lonely room
complains of our deviant acts
they’ll be complaining
but when we do right
no one remembers when we do wrong
no one forgets;
we’re in love for God sake!
I’m only imagining

For thats how it will be
if our hearts both agree.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

Chrisacedaruth (the long awaited)

When the spirit of Rockefeller fell on Bill Gate, he embarked on Microsoft. When the spirit of Samuel Taylor Coleridge visited me was the day I started this 2532line poem; here is part of it.

“I’m glad, I can be heard.
Journey of over thousand
years, this’ how it started.
The sun over our heads
was nothing but fire red
hotter than hell was said
to be. Maize, maize bread
living and unbeheaded
sheep tied to many sheds;
beans, rice and the grinded
millet, meat and wheat bread
and oil and salt and grinded
melons and peppers and beheaded
fowls and cows and
goats while fishes waited
the carefully painted
wares while baskets held
the edible vegetables and
fruits freshly harvested
walnuts, walnuts coconuts and
groundnuts wedded
several painted
baskets plus things unsaid
I swear, no assorted
foods were marketed
farmers carried their harvested
produces on their heads
traders were sugar quoted
shouting! shouting! under their sheds and
everywhere noise was heard
from traders to traded
from chickens to sheep herds
babies crying to be fed
children playing under sheds
everywhere neatly was weeded
under shed I waited
tiny grasses excluded
huts were thatched
well water and water wells were well treated.
No need for quards.
Immoralities were never heard
and peace and
happiness lived and fed
in the tiny village of Vineamed.”

(end of stanza 1. Stanza 2 continues in the comment box. Don’t miss it.)

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry