Who will make way
For souls with no key?

Who will light the path
Of maidens treading with no lantern?

In course of singing
Comes in the spirit of clapping

And so also praying
Comes before the spirit of speaking in tongues
Quote me wrong

Abnormality pushes frustration
Frustration drives the wheel
Of chaotic situation

And Saul was into it
On his way to Damascus
If you can recall

Men are barren
Yes! I can see they are barren
They have kids but they are barren

Barren to wealth
Barren to state of health
They can even vouch for

Speak of privacy; they are barren
Speak of accomplishment; they are barren
Speak of obedience to the words of wisdom;
They are so barren with no anther
To produce pollen grain

So like desert
With no oasis in the offing
They live their lives

In barrenness of marriage
In barrenness of employment
In barrenness of confidence
In barrenness of everything including vacation
They work round the clock

O please Lord!
Comfort we pray for
Comfort I seek

For if truly in the sweat of my face
I must pick my daily bread
Then feed me Lord!

Feed my belly
From the sweat of my flowing pen
And feed my belly
From the good works of my hands
And strangle to death my barrenness.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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