Beating Around The Bush

To speak
while keeping
your feelings under
the rug of your
is a sin
that might make you lose
at the end
for no matter how
BIG your feeling can be,
my friend,
never need a courier
to deliver it:
whether you’re vexed
or you vexed someone
or you love someone
or you hate someone
or you’re hungry
or you want a divorce
or you want to cry
or you want to commit suicide
and die like a fish;
whatever it is you have to say, say it for
there’ll never be any right time for anything on this earth
so stop beating around the bush
like a poet
whose point is
at the end of his lines.

Samuel C. Enunwa 12-08-2013
Voici 2013 samueldpoetry
samueldpoetry pour message de twitter


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