Meuzic Is In My Mind

Meuzic is in my mind
and Usher Raymond and
Celine Dion and
Barry White I wanna sing
with my own Meuzic

For I’m a grown solitaire

I’ve grown alone
fed alone
shed the tears of my eyebrow
on the grounds alone

It’s time to fly into expansion.
If not it

What is life?
Life is husband and wife.

What is wife?
Wife is a tool for expanding life.

So where is my wife?
I’m ripe to fly into expansion now
and have my own Meuzic
singing hinnnn! hinnnn!! hinnnn!!!
With his or her tears
into my own hearing

Let no one tell me
how difficult it is to manage a wife

I already know:
The word “wildlife”
originated from the word “wife”.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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