Chrisacedaruth (the long awaited)

When the spirit of Rockefeller fell on Bill Gate, he embarked on Microsoft. When the spirit of Samuel Taylor Coleridge visited me was the day I started this 2532line poem; here is part of it.

“I’m glad, I can be heard.
Journey of over thousand
years, this’ how it started.
The sun over our heads
was nothing but fire red
hotter than hell was said
to be. Maize, maize bread
living and unbeheaded
sheep tied to many sheds;
beans, rice and the grinded
millet, meat and wheat bread
and oil and salt and grinded
melons and peppers and beheaded
fowls and cows and
goats while fishes waited
the carefully painted
wares while baskets held
the edible vegetables and
fruits freshly harvested
walnuts, walnuts coconuts and
groundnuts wedded
several painted
baskets plus things unsaid
I swear, no assorted
foods were marketed
farmers carried their harvested
produces on their heads
traders were sugar quoted
shouting! shouting! under their sheds and
everywhere noise was heard
from traders to traded
from chickens to sheep herds
babies crying to be fed
children playing under sheds
everywhere neatly was weeded
under shed I waited
tiny grasses excluded
huts were thatched
well water and water wells were well treated.
No need for quards.
Immoralities were never heard
and peace and
happiness lived and fed
in the tiny village of Vineamed.”

(end of stanza 1. Stanza 2 continues in the comment box. Don’t miss it.)

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


One thought on “Chrisacedaruth (the long awaited)

  1. Stanza 2

    Everywhere was neatly weeded
    in the tiny village of Vineamed.
    Atop our heads, our heads
    the sun was not on our heads
    in the village of Vineamed
    rain cloud and the darkness spread
    make sun be disappeared
    no. The sky was brightly painted
    no cloud, no rainbow instead
    not time for darkness spread
    flying around were birds
    some alone, some with friends
    some standing over our heads
    I mean the roof over our heads
    so even easily disappeared
    only God knew what they wanted
    maybe their daily bread
    maybe they were in love with scenes of Vineamed
    where atmospere happily befriended
    village and villagers in Vineamed
    and breeze equally and willingly spread
    and plants began to dance and shake heads
    and began to clap till they were heard
    animals and fowls happily fed
    I watched where I waited
    under unproperly weeded
    playing lasses and lads
    a boy jumped and
    somersault and stood
    and ran back to his friend
    his friend,
    my elder brother, Helied.
    He was taller than his friend
    he was brightly eyed
    a piece of rag he tied
    to his leg as same as his friend
    and carried above his head
    a curly hair instead
    the dreads like his friend
    the playful Helied
    played with his friend
    hunting bats and birds
    standing under shed
    was mother of mine and
    where attention was needed
    in village of Vineamed
    they call her mommy Helied
    like every mommy in Vineamed
    she would joyfully reply and
    give a hand
    though I was very young lad
    could easily understand
    her charm was well admired
    by all in Vineamed
    with her under shed
    was dark and bald headed
    dude not too tall nor chested
    he wore unequally adjusted
    short over trouser so tattered
    with holes and
    hoe was held in his left hand
    in the right hand
    was cutlass sharper sharp blade
    he carried above his head
    a full empty basket and
    with him mother stood and
    smiled and discussed
    all and all they said
    the short distance prevented
    me where I waited
    waving him the good friend of my dad
    my dad
    who had gone his farmland
    while with him mother stood and
    smiled and discussed
    his hairy dark hand
    I saw visible veins joined and parted
    ways like it’s normally displayed
    on hands of farmers of Vineamed
    I saw beautifully painted bird
    landed near my shed
    pruning with beak continually adjusting her painted
    colorful feather black blue red
    I stood there concentrated
    being a very quiet lad
    slightly fair, easily scared
    with nails and lips equally red
    a curly hair as same as Helied
    every soul in Vineamed
    called me a quiet lazy Fylied.
    Helied called me from mother’s shed
    “the food is ready, Fylied!”
    I ran to mother’s shed
    okra and well pounded
    yam she carefully prepared
    I sat and prayed and threw above my head
    a pounded ball and happily fed
    under the conducive atmosphere of Vineamed.

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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