Yogic Flying

Some obsessions turn to love
to love making the heart roll on the ground
like a casted die
with uncertain outcome

If you’ve been there before
I am into it now
now that folks ask me
Are you in love with Taylor Swift?
I said NO!

Knowing well denial to be shield
against fellows mockery

But you’re driving me crazy Taylor Swift.

The chorograghies in your voices are my greatest melody
and swiftly Taylor Swift, they sweep me off my feet.

I can see you stride decently
like decent whores in high places
to touch my lips;
I’m only imagining.

Your hellen’s iris
levitate me above knees
Oh, can’t you see laghiman spirit
your love bestows upon me
I’m close to flying

So inspiring

The fires of your thighs propelling me
like rockets to the skies

And when we hit my dark lonely room
complains of our deviant acts
they’ll be complaining
but when we do right
no one remembers when we do wrong
no one forgets;
we’re in love for God sake!
I’m only imagining

For thats how it will be
if our hearts both agree.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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