To Be A Man In Developing Countries

To be a man in developing countries
is difficult; I hear people say it

But truth it is
being an educated disabled man seeking employment
in developing countries

Lucky you!
You’re not an imbecile

Lucky you!
You can speak and talk to someone

Lucky you!
You can hear and earpiece your eardrum
and can even drum the beats
in your churches and places of sanctuaries

You need be grateful
Your God-given flagella can still take you everywhere
I swear, the life of a crippled one is not an easy one
It’s like a wiper of a moving car
when rain is no raining

You need be very grateful to God
The pipelines of your pupils can still export images to your brain
In fact, the life of a blind one is not an easy one
Even Hellen Keller cannot deny it

So let no one demoralise you with pity
Keep striving!
You can make it!
Don’t be pathetic
in these developing countries.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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