Things I’ve Never Done Before


I keep asking myself
When will I buy anything samsung?

When will I plant beans for the first time
in my life?

I’ve never hijacked a car
I’ve never played hockey,
skiing, skating, snowboarding
snow has never fallen on my body before

I’ve never done skydiving
I’ve never fished in the glacier
nor boarded helicopter
nor entered a skyscraper

I’ve never entered a shrine
nor tapped palm wine
nor boarded submarine
nor assisted the blind

Mention mining sites,
I’ve never been there before
Mention Dubai,
I’ve never been there before
even under water world
where people watch water creatures
through a monster glass,
I’ve never been there as well

I’ve never sniff cocaine before
I’ve never shot ak-47 rifle
I’ve never crammed psalm 2:11
I’ve never double dated before

I’ve never dated a chinese girl
I’ve never acted a threesome sex
and none of my exes are royal blood

No snake has ever beaten me
No cop has ever detained me
I’ve never swim in swimming pool
nor eaten fura-di-nunu

I’ve never tasted an indian food
I’ve never baked a wheat bread
I’ve never burnt cake in the oven
I’ve never been to the moon
I’ve never bought a whisky
I’ve never won a lottery

Each day by day
I’m growing old
so many things
I’ve never done
in this world I’m living in,
believe me
I’m not lying.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry


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